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Christopher Ducasse
Souvenirs (Cello Ensemble)
5:50 minutes
Year of composition
Cello Ensemble (5 voices)
$40.00 (Full Score and Parts)
Sold by
Christopher Ducasse
November 1, 2016
Bjorklunden, WI
Lawrence University Cello Ensemble
Janet Anthony
Score Preview
Performance Notes

"Souvenirs" is a French title that translates to "Memories". With this music, I wanted to express the feeling of remembering a specific event in the past that had a great impact on your life. Based on Haitian rhythms, "Souvenirs" has a dancing feel to it, slow, reflective, and reassuring. The repetition of the main melody many times over the course of this piece is a way to imply that no matter what happens, some memories can never be replaced, and will always be cherished. The bright and happy feel of the dancing rhythms is a way to feel the comfort of those precious memories guiding us on our way towards a brighter future.


5 Cellos

Lawrence University Cello Ensemble
Janet Anthony
May 4, 2016
Harper Hall, Lawrence University, WI
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