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Christopher Ducasse
Eritaj (Full Orchestra)
8:00 minutes
Year of composition
Full Orchestra
$90.00 (Full Score and Parts)
Sold by
Klasik Lakay
March 14, 2021
North Dakota, USA
Northern Valley Youth Orchestra Symphony
Dr. Kevin Sütterlin
Score Preview
Performance Notes

The title, "Eritaj" is a Haitian Creole title and translates to "Heritage" in English. This composition is based on different Haitian Rhythms such as "Congo Lwés" and "Raboday". The idea behind that composition is embracing and merging two different genres of music that I grew up with; Being a native Haitian and studying classical music. Using the traditional rhythms and style of Haitian music merged with Western classical style of composition, this piece is a representation of what I considered my Heritage in the world in music; the music that I can say I was born with, and the music that I have studied. Haitian Rhythms, mostly passed by oral tradition from mentors to apprentice drummers, use a lot of different sounds on a conga, which are impossible to notate clearly on the one or two staves line system used by classical percussionists. I included a custom notation sheet for the conga parts. Based on Haitian sound but with classical notation that will help express the sound and soul of the rhythms.


1 Piccolo -2 Flutes - 2 Oboes - 2 Clarinets in B-Flat - 2 Bassoons

4 Horns in F - 2 Trumpets in B-Flat - 2 Trombones - 1 Bass Trombone - 1 Tuba

Timpani - Bass Drum - Cymbals - Large Gong - Claves - Ogan - Bongos - 2 Congas (2 players) 


1st Violins - 2nd Violins - Violas - Cellos - Contrabasses

Conception and Artistic Direction: Yole Derose
Music: Christopher Ducasse
May 23, 2022
Video promotionnelle du spectacle à Caractère Historique "Eritaj" conçu par Yole Dérose et prévu pour fin 2022.
*Computer Generated Sound
January 8, 2021
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