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Christopher Ducasse
Christopher Ducasse
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Conductor, composer, singer, and pianist; Christopher Ducasse is a native of Port-au-Prince Haiti. Christopher is a  former member of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Holy Trinity, and the conductor "Les Petits Chanteurs", their main choir for three years. He was a BLUME HAITI Scholar in the Haitian student exchange program at Lawrence University. Winner of the WCDA Conducting Competition in 2018. Christopher has composed  vocal and instrumental pieces that have been performed by various groups in Haiti and in the USA...

Picture: Kaye Solander

Christopher Ducasse | Conductor - Composer

Christopher, a highly accomplished musician and conductor from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, is known for his exceptional talent and dedication to choral music. He began his musical journey at the Holy Trinity Music School, studying voice, violin, and piano. In 2007, Christopher joined the esteemed Philharmonic Orchestra of Holy Trinity, and in 2011, he became the conductor of their main choir, "Les Petits Chanteurs," for four years. Christopher furthered his musical expertise through the BLUME HAITI Scholar program at Lawrence University in 2015 and pursued advanced education, obtaining a master's degree in Choral Conducting from McGill University in 2023. He has collaborated with various choirs, showcased his versatility and proficiency, and received accolades such as winning the WCDA Conducting Competition. Christopher is also a talented composer and multi-instrumentalist with notable performances by renowned ensembles. His passion for photography complements his diverse range of interests. Christopher's artistic endeavors have earned recognition and praise, and his commitment to musical excellence and the transformative power of choral music continue to drive his remarkable career.


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