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Christopher Ducasse

Prière (Viola - Piano) - Fritz Bernardin

May 6, 2022
BMCC Studio Recital
Fritz Bernardin
Andrew Boudreau, Piano

Viola or Cello + Piano

Arrangement of "Prière (SATB)" commisioned by BENVIOLA


Haitian Creole / French

Oh Notre Père qui es aux cieux, que ton nom soit sanctifié.

Nous te prions et nous te bénissons pour tout ce que

tu nous as donné.

Lè nou te nan pwoblèm ou te toujou avèk nou.

Lè nou te malad se ou ki te geri nou.

Menm lè nou kite'w, ou toujou ap veye sou nou.

Oh bondye sel ou menm ki gid nou sou tè sa.

Papa Bondye.

Lè sou chimen nou tenèb vin anvayi nou.

Gade an wo gade anba, san sekou.

Gras ak konfyans ke nou genyen nan ou Segnè nou pa pè,

paske limyè ou va klere chimen nou.

Lè nan lespri nou tantasyon vle antre.

Nou jis bezwen femen je'n e komanse priye

pou nou ka resevwa limyè ou,

e nou va mete'l nan lespri nou.

O Bondye klere chimen nou.

Klere chimen nou ak lajwa, ak lanmou, ak pawol ou.

Papa bondye ou menm ki nan syèl la,

non ou n'ap toujou respekte.

Vini jwen nou pou'w ba nou pawol ou,

pou nou ka fè volonte ou chak jou.

Ou se limyè kap klere vi nou.

Ou se lanmou ki nan fon kè nou.

Se pou ou tout glwa, tout louwanj, tout pouvwa.

N'ape chante non ou, louwe non ou

pou tout tan gen tan.


texte de Christopher Ducasse


Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.

We pray to you and we bless you for all that

you have given us.

When we are troubled you are always with us.

When we are sick you heal us.

Even when we depart from you, you always look after us.

Oh Lord it is only you who can guide us on this earth.

Dear Lord.

When we are on our path and overcome by shadows.

We look up, we look down without finding any recourse.

Thanks to the confidence we have in you, Lord we are not afraid,

because your presence will light our way.

When temptation wants to enter our spirit.

We need only close our eyes and begin to pray

that we receive your light,

And we can put this into our spirit.

Oh lord, illuminate our path.

Light our path with joy, with love, with your words.

Our father who are in heaven,

hallowed be thy name.

Come to us to give us your words,

So that we can do your will every day.

You are the light that illuminates our lives.

You are the love that is at the bottom of our hearts.

For you is all the glory, all the praise, all the power.

We will sing your name, praise your name

for ever and ever.


text by Christopher Ducasse

Originally composed in 2013 for SATB choir, this is the arranged version of Prière for viola and piano. Andrew Boudreau, jazz pianist, composer is accompanying FriTz Bernardin, stage-named Benviola for this performance.

Haydn Trio no. 39 in G major hob. 25

Haydn Trio no. 39 in G major hob. 25

Christopher Ducasse (Violin), John Burgermiester (Cello), Hanna Stolper (Piano)

March 28, 2019

Theresa Nier (Soprano) & Christopher Ducasse (Baritone) - Junior Recital

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March 3, 2019

Requiem in D minor Op. 48 - Gabriel Faure

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Silver Lake Chorale | Concert Choir | Capitol Civic Center Community Choir


"Brazileira" from Scaramouche for Two Pianos by Darius Milhaud

"Brazileira" from Scaramouche for Two Pianos by Darius Milhaud

Hanna Stolper, Piano | Christopher Ducasse, Piano

November, 2018

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